Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made



day 21: five things you want to see change
  1. The state of minds of today's youth . We're equipped with so much power to improve & influence this planet but we opt out and live in ignorance . I believe in us and I believe we'll do some THING(S) !
  2. This economy . Man if I put 15 bucks in my gas tank one more time and it only gets me to school two times a week , we have a problem . OBAMA , LOL . 
  3. Spiritual arrogance . I'm all for respecting my elders but there's a thin line between wisdom and judging and Christians are good for living on spiritual high horses . Pointing fingers hurts & words sting . 
  4. MUSIC , where are all my songs with depth & meaning . I need Lauryn Hill and her voice and her lyrics to make a quick comeback because she'd tear to shreds alot of r&b AND rap artists that are "supposedly" killing the game right now . 
  5. I want to see my bank account increase even though in the next month it's not because Im staring at three parking tickets and two bills with an upcoming DUE date ! 

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  1. i need me some lauryn hill too !
    oh lordd , sometimes i feel so narrow minded cause i listen to the same rappers that have become my favortie but then again the new stuff is a big flop .


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