Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


hobo . A newfound passion for creation & mankind

&. Im becoming more and more adamant about becoming a hobo . Just packing up and leaving , hopping on the first highway in sight . Keep driving aimlessly , no sense of direction or care .
Snap this weave out and own my roots selfishly . 


un - foreignize the usage of postcards , stamps , envelopes , and good ole handwritten letters .

Dear Mama ,  I love you . 
Dear Daddy , I love you . 
Dear Brothers , I love you . 
Dear Sisters , I love you . 
Sometimes . 
Dear love of my life , man of my dreams , you seem to be inexistent right now ...  if that may not be the case , lets skip things , I love you . Love me back . Let's be one and love this love thing together. Or no , 
 Sincerely .

bathe in rivers elephants defecate in 
[ pause ] ..
write & discuss politics w. strange faces
sneak into lectures on social reform
fly to canyons & yell to hear my echo 

Give me a pencil and tablets . Give me fingers and Earth , I'll tell a muddy story that'll absorb and engrave for once . A liberal in every sense , bohemian at her fullest . Chance to wield the weight of emotion humankind has bestowed on a fragile soul and kindred heart . Awe ; the liberty of existence . Fulfillment of the pleasures of the simple mind . Freedom to explore the nature of being

A newfound passion for creation & mankind.

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