Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


Its a conspiracy .

The vogue of social networks lies in human nature to be accepted & pertinent . It journeys back to the dire need to sit at the cool table at lunch with the cool kids . A lot of addiction to social networks also rests in people's obsession with "pretending" . Pretend to be a person you're not , curtained by a keyboard & pixels . A large percentage of SN users are extremely neurotic due to their compulsivity with playing dress up .

you can be the person you want to be , you can be the person you think people want you to be ,

Photoshop . Plagarism . Daily Quotes . Intellectualism . Popularity . Subliminals . Nosiness . Its all a big paint splatter . A bunch of pretenders , hawking over who has the highest number friend list , feasting on who's talking about them and who's not talking about them , who can be the best pretender ? Its a competition of the pretenders . Nobody wants to step up to the plate and admit it though . Caught up in the nature of acceptance .

everyone wants to belong to a culture , & be a piece of the puzzle , even if its via web .

He's a rapper . She's a model . They're all comedians . That one is prettier . This one has more money . Look at their life . Social networks lack authentic social leisure because we've deviated from the intended purpose . It's one thing to reunite with elementary buddies and connect , play ketchup , network , and socialize by means of the internet . It's another thing to establish yourself as a "cyber YOU" and live that "cyber YOU life" . People are truly lacking hobbies . Parents hacking accounts . Cheating spouses searching for old lovers . Investigative boyfriend & girlfriend [ && for the record , social networks dont ruin relationships , ruined relationships ruin relationships ] . Bra & Panty avatars . Pedophiles lurking . Computer screens trumping homework . Everyone's glued to the 3G .

GET UP OFF THAT THANG - James Brown voice

This isn't my first SN rant . Probably won't be my last . There's trees and plants waiting to be hugged and kissed . I kid . Not your thing you say ? Log off and sign out your accounts and EXPLORE via reality . Find your thing out and get into it . Discover a niche beyond sitting on your ass with a bag of chips , staring at a illuminated screen while Kanye's Pandora station plays in the background . No offense to Kanye . No offense to Pandora . Social Network this creation . Chea !

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