Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


what does a faucet do ..?

a peculiar organism im breathing what yall breathing eating what yall eating speaking what yall speaking but thinking what im thinking and living how im living dreaming dreams birthed by the clouds and Moses'd to my soul streaming .. CONSCIOUS and UNCONSCIOUS .. suckling for life that usurps the status quo defending my personality defining my character along the way searching for meaning rooting my being stating my existence establishing my name amongst billions and its taking every atom of I to portray it all meanwhile twenty four sevens passing and the existentialism of me clashing yet im soiled in begging for mercy granted heaven and hating hell clinging to the fruits of the spirit ........

crying because trying is hard trying is easy with a promise but im grasping the promise the intended promise soothes me the cradle rocking squeaking mama singing a humm old negro spiritual im soothed God has a purpose in his hand fist held tight aint strong enough to plow it open enlightened enough to not dare bother patience and tenacity faithfulness awaiting center stage treading in shallow water shy of too many eyes my desires are too simplistic for a spotlight mundane common me erodes my satisfaction tickling my fancy TRUE blessings impulsing bright smiles cheesing hard no worries today it all will happen 

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