Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


OUR history. Documents. Photos. Videos. I cant seem to grasp that this is OUR history. The racism was real , the discrimination was real , the hatred was real , the segregation was real , the lynchings were real , the police brutality was real . I cant fathom or even begin to imagine how life was or would have been for me . Blessed to have come from a lineage of people who are/were strong . The faith and endurance the victims of hate experienced is to be commended and honored . For anybody , black , white , hispanic , indian , chinese , to be the plight of such extreme malice , and be subjugated to oppression is inhumane . I'm happy that our people have paved a better future for us . Im trying to decide whether or not we'd be strong enough today to do the same if

law usurped morality

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