Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


What WAS supposed to be a productive day turned out to be a tornado of emotions . My car was towed . Two old mean "volunteer" cops , then a middle aged deputy came and held my boyfriend & I up in the hot sun . Dramatic mom of mines made me slam, throw, and crack my iPhone [ she has a way of frustrating and irritating and upsetting me like no other ; still love her though ] . Old pictures I sent to my ex at the beginning of my current relationship were discovered by my boyfriend . For a half hour , I thought I was going to lose him . Hours of board games , Trouble  , Sequence , Guess Who , Checkers , Bop It . Pizza and punch . Karaoke. Being manhandled and tackled by a neurotic and bipolar older sister . A thermometer shaped bruise on my back . A little girl talk . Goodbyes . ESPN as my boyfriend snoozes in the bed . A large cold glass of CranGrape . A blanky . And a blog . Wow . Lord keep me sane !


  1. and he did keep you sane.better yet, alive to tell about it!


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