Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


After a heavy & heated argument with my boyfriend that resulted in us calling quits to our relationship , Im spending my Friday night re - evaluating things and moisturizing my skin & hair , while he's in San Diego emotionally de - toxing with his friends . I love my boyfriend and I love us . I can't stand our strong personalities when we clash . I'm stubborn and he's controlling . We will argue all night and schedule to continue the argument the next day . Aha . We care . That's what keeps me sane amid our rough patches and bumpy roads . It hasn't been a year yet (quickly getting there),  and we've already been through so much together . I'm not the easiest to deal with and neither is he , but by 11:59:59 PM each day , its always our love that triumphs and trumps all ill feelings .  


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