Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


ever had to change the way you walked in public because your panties were in your butt . ever get irritated when someone put the gallon of milk back in the fridge when there was only a drop left . ever sit in the window and laugh at your male & female dog having sexual intercourse . ever use lip gloss on your elbows in the absence of lotion . ever see someone with a popped pimple on their face in public but you're too shy or weird-ed out to tell them . ever stay in bed all day eating junk food watching marathons movies no shower no company and no sickness . ever cheat in Uno or Go Fish . ever wait to your mom pulls up in the driveway to start doing chores . ever had the awkward moment of watching late night tv with your dad and a Viagra or ExTenze commercial comes on . ever have one of your friends copy everything you do .


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