Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


Every fall  I feel like I'm the only nerd that looks forward to homework , essays , textbooks , late nights , and teary eyes because of a forgotten assignment . My GOAL is to take five or six classes this semester since I have a fee waiver this year that I'm so thankful to God for . Now all there is to do is hope and pray that I am able to get into all the classes that I want to take so cross your fingers plz .

         I have my pencil case ready and equipped with pens , pencils , highlighters . Im ODD with it . I have to have three different pastel colored lead pencils . A black pen . A blue pen . A red pen . A yellow highlighter . A green highlighter . An orange highlighter .
We all
all know that GUM is one of the most popular student favs and so I plan to be in gum abundance once more this fall . I'm a stingy gum eater too so I won't hesitate to say that ' I ate my last piece ' or that ' I got it from so & so ' . If its not snacks or candy in class then it'll most definitely be gum fersure ^_^ 

I'm not a big backpack fan , I plan on sporting a one strap leather book-bag by Usher that I love with all my heart . But I have seen a few canvas packs that I might consider rocking if I have the funds to . I think I'm prepared for this school year though , I need a Starbucks card and two more chapsticks and I'll be complete .

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  1. I'm feeling the same way right about now! I can't wait to start this semester. I'm almost done :)



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