Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


the ' Motherland ' & the emaciated children she bears , 

God's heart for the nations ,
my own heart for the nations ,
specifically Africa ,
is enormous . 

the capacity of my apathy cup and bowl of sympathy overflowed long ago into a sink of longing. Longing to get there . It is my desire to not sit back and sponsor a starving child for just a ' buck a month ' . There is an earnest prayer on my heart ; I want to be a vessel . Somewhere in the jungle is an ancestral cousin , aunt , uncle of mine . Somewhere in the Sahara lies a child whose blood line extends thousands of miles here to the blood running through my veins . I want to give food & water . dance , Sing . weave baskets . pray together . I want to love Africa as much as I love myself because I AM ...


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