Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


Drug use is becoming way too much of a norm nowadays especially among young adults .

This whole 'social referencing' epidemic that's going on is so high school & trivial .  A large percentage of the country's future is dumping garbage into their bodies and it's becoming so socially accepted that it's almost EXPECTED . Drugs are no new neighbor to us , but it is more prevalent than ever and it is sickening . 

By no means am I bashing addicts , but I am fervent in my opinion that weak minded people resort to drugs . Depressed people resort to drugs . Those with low emotional & social skills resort to drugs . You're popping 'X' and snorting 'Coke' to fit in , assuage an emotional state , escape problems , feel better ; that's all conducive to a LOW life . I can only assert this because I was once that low life , heavy drinking to not deal with problems that alcohol wasn't going to solve or couldn't fix . 

Marijuana . Weed . Kush . Green . We can argue the pros & cons about its legality and lack thereof but the point is , it is a drug . Would you want a surgeon to perform an operation on you while high ? What if your child's Pre-School teacher showed up to school on 'Cloud 9' every day ? Possessing the need to smoke weed consistently and being incoherent without it is indicative of an issue. You're dependent on a substance that may appear to be benign because people like you better because you do it , you look cool doing it , when all that matters is YOU and your low life smoking self . I kid , but you get my spill . 

Substance abuse is real . I get the whole " But you only live once " aspect , but that one time you decide to introduce your body to something so dangerous could be the only one time your body decides it's going to fail because it couldn''t handle it . I'm no stranger to weed , I hallucinated and cried , realizing after the effects wore off that those were feelings I'd rather not have . I can't even begin to drink like I used to , I'm a Light-Light weight now and I am totally content with that . 

Not being able to enjoy yourself while out with friends or family with the absence of a substance deserves serious attention and self evaluation . You can't say you love others or yourself when you blatantly choose to desecrate your body with meth, Ecstasy, cocaine, LSD, and the likes thereof . Do yourself a service and extract from a group that deters you from staying drug free . If some one really cares about you or is truly a friend , they would check themselves & you as well . A majority of addicts are willing to point the finger at every person and list every reason for their struggle , but don't seem to understand that they are/were accountable . The choice begins and ends with YOU

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  1. I agree with the 3rd paragraph. Thanks for sharing and discussing this. a lot of people don't see it from different points of view


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