Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


' an ugly personality ruins a pretty face '
                     -  author unknown to me

But I do wish to add that the above statement is very true . Today I withdrew from the class that I have to work in within a group . Things were smooth only on Day 1 , then it all went downhill . Long story short , a lot of ' relationship bullying ' & female catty-ness went on , me being the victim (shame) . I chose my battle wisely nonetheless . Our last meeting was horrific , sly remarks back & forth , me on the verge of either crying or flipping the table over ; neither of which I did due to taking LONG inhalations & exhalations . THANK GOD! .. it's been a bit of a challenge trying to be on a social level that I'm content with , more especially with girls . Why we're so mean to each other is another post within itself . I do know that I need to get a handle on things . I went from being bullied as a kid to being aggressive and physical to being complacent until my buttons were pushed ; and now I'm back at square one . I am too mature to fight , but too mature to let people disrespect me . I am a very amiable person , I can talk to strangers , make jokes & small talk , I smile at those I don't know . When I come across those super ill hearted & willed individuals ... things get grey & shady, and it's always a girl(s) . Alas , this brings me back to the above notion that ' an ugly personality ruins a pretty face ' . I'm learning how to handle and deal with things so this post should be continued .

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