Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


Funny. The last day of the first week of this year and I am single . Again. Our bodies naturally depletes things that are unfit to remain inside and I'm wondering if Love has a similar type of mechanism. I've been emotionally preparing myself for this, I always sense energy change and feelings shifting, instrumental in my ability to weather any storm. I wish that my crazy eyes didn't look so horrible and monstrous after hearty cries, it's always a dead giveaway of a 'Kamielle calamity'. I'm pretty sure this is one of those for real breakups, not one of those mad at each other for two days, talk it over, kiss & make up type of break up. It's probably necessary that we go our separate ways and experience experiences on our own and for our own. It is no secret that I love him with all my heart and that if this situation ultimately lead to him finding another, I will remain alone and conquer this life by myself. Crazy that you can give so much time of yourself to another, share hurts, laughter, & journeys together, & then for whatever reason, they feel the need to continue on without you. BITTERSWEET. I'll be staying focused on my plights. I have big plans, big goals, and big places to go, big achievements to accomplish so I can't harp on it too long. Give me my time to mourn, reflect, learn, and move on. This will be okay.


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  1. awe, I'm so sorry Kamik. I've been in your shoes before and it's not easy at all. time heals all. You're a wonderful young woman, I'm sure in its right time God will send someone worthy of you :]


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