Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


getting into the groove of things . I find myself with an inner peace & happiness . abandoned the 'crying at night' routine & it has done me justice . Dancing in front of the mirror has become my rouse , cares and worries ceasing to exist . Lady Antebellum & J Dilla blast a lot . did I mention that I am in the works of falling in love with country music ? yep . Missing kissing , but I'll kiss candies for now . today I read , cooked , ran , watched tv , listened to music and laughed with myself . It's the ME things that  matter . Remembered the 2012 goal to make a friend , and I've made one who is chasing Christ . what a score ; Young women walking in the covenant , leaning on HIS promises . lucked up on a super super super fast way to download music in like 5.3seconds . [DO NOT TELL THE FEDS] . when I'm financially stable I promise to dish out the .99cents .. maybe 0_o , I kid . thinking I'll use some of my income tax to treat myself to something , a concert , NBA game , spa day , anything , something I very much deserve . i'll save the rest . Gave away a lot of clothes I wanted but the closet still seems full so this weekend I shall be at it once more . planning on picking out paint this week as well , Room renovation needs to happen before school begins ; need to set the atmosphere . Would it be nasty to buy a vintage/used comforter ? I cannot find any I like , anywhere besides an over priced one at UO . my OCD has answered that question so never mind it . time for a facial . Happy Monday (:

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  1. I'm glad you feel so much better and positive about everything :]

    Room renovations are always fun and so is jogging. I can't wait to start but for now walking.

    P.S Lady Antebellum has good music!!!


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