Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


holding strong to my healthy living goal.
Been exercising & staying fit,
.. my bod feels awesome &
looks awesome too ;)
Eating healthier meals. 
plus I've cut down the fast food.

-- My old primary doctor left 
today I picked a new physician,
oh-em-gee he is HAWT 
I would link a picture but that's stalker-ish. 
I made an appt for in 2weeks
just a basic physical & all that good stuff. 
Make sure I'm fine on the inside. 

-- Made a dentist/orthodontist appt for in two weeks
I really really need my teeth cleaned. 
they're so yellow. 
chipped my front left tooth, 
& my top retainer doesn't fit anymore
haven't worn it in ages, Yikes.
Talk about not being responsible. 

The very last thing I need to do is go see an eye specialist. The last two months of last year my vision was horrible and I kept getting painful migraines. I procrastinated going in so I plan on going for a general eye exam today. I want to be healthy & ready to tackle on this school term and these first months of the year.

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  1. Glad you're getting all that checked! I did it in the past few months and thank God for that. I feel better as well in terms of my health :]


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