Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


I talk to myself occasionally and have bouts of laughter . I dance in the mirror a lot to reggae music . Oftentimes I find myself lying on the bed with my legs held aimlessly in the air . When I can't sleep I have to rock myself or hold myself. I can't function if my room stays messy for a day, things must be in their rightful place. When I lose my remote, I call out to it as if it could respond with its whereabouts. The touching Law&Order episodes that come on at 6am always get an emotional reaction out of me. My diary is my prized possession, seemingly this blog is too, or well on its way to being that. I only have two friends (truthfully one) ; I've pretty much been a loner post-high school. Okay, I've been a self made loner all my life. I read just about everything. My biggest competition is always myself, I'm a perfectionist so I have to out-do me at all times. There are moments when I don't want to see or talk to folk and other times I want to dish out all the love & affection in this world. With the freedom to indulge completely in all of my weirdness & wacky ways, I'm definitely going to be re-freaking myself out. But, what better person to indulge in besides yourself. The pleasure of exploring you, learning you, loving you, being you, no restraints or judgment, no condemnation. No thoughts of skepticism, insecurities, doubts, no suspicions of possible annoyance. The controversy of being inferior to thee imaginary prodigal girl disappears, and the confidence of the weird young woman continues to emerge and blossom. ME

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  1. I am the same way! Lol ever since i was a little girl too :]


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