Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


The past two weeks have been hit & miss . Equally . Keeping a friendship style relationship with my ex-boyfriend and in the process of a teaching position . I'm praying & praying for this job opportunity . It's what I've been working so hard for in the past six months . I've had a peace and calmness kind of feel going on and I'm loving it . Every day has been beautiful , even though every day is not perfect . I think I'm in the process of mastering LIFE . 

I'm thinking about just getting rid of 90% of the clothes & shoes in my closet. Give away most of what I own. I don't wear even 10% of the things in my closet. I don't go out partying or anything but I have like 50 pairs of heels, most being unworn. There are times when I wear the same boots everyday or the same pants everyday. I just want a restart clothe ordeal. Something. I want to be free. From what, I don't quite know. Waiting for the moment to pay off my cards and student loan. Re-crossing fingers and Re-praying for the job.


  1. I know how you feel. I'm sure you'll make someone really happy with the clothes & shoes you give away :]

    I also hope you feel better <3

  2. P.S i love sushi <3

  3. I really hope you get the job it would be awesome to have that security. I'm really sorry about you and your ex boyfriend, it's sometimes hard to maintain a friendship... but I'm sure you'll be able to! Just keep trying. I have always wanted to get rid of all of my clothes and start over. I think it would be so liberating and awesome for a clean slate.



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