Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


 This little light of mine , I'm going to let it shine . 

Smiling. Sharing and giving , helping out and being a blessing. Been on a servitude 'kick'. Discovering my gifts that can be a blessing to others. Praying and reading my BIBLE frequently births impromptu tears of joy, console, relief ... grateful to feel RIGHT ... 

I'm learning every dawn. My purpose , God's plans for my life will come to fruition. Searching for meaning in a tainted world full of people, ideas, attitudes, beliefs & opinions doesn't scare me anymore. Fearless. 

          --      20

I'm young, frugal, I enjoy my comfort space, reading is awesome, church is awesomer, my face is beautiful, my body .. soft, sometimes I have to ask 'Huh' three times, other times I get it in one take, if I'm mad I scream, if I'm angry I slam my door.

Excited about any & every thing to come.
Up is where things go from here.
No matter what or who happens or doesn't happen.


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