Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


Many young believers, or most believers in general have questioned why bad things happen to good people, why people who follow Christ seem to suffer most, and why people living in sin live lavish lifestyles. I still haven't reached an answer, but I know that God allows every thing to happen for a reason because he has an ultimate & divine plan for us. Tragedies, catastrophes, and human suffering may occur based on the idea that God wants us to turn to him. He wants us to have hope in He and not 'we', which could explain the very questions we always ask when something devastating happens. "Why God?" Well, why not? I know that personally, every minor & major situation I've experienced have all shaped my character and have brought me closer to God. Though suffering is hard, there's always an underlying and unexpected benefit at the end of the haul. I trust in God and I trust in his plan(s) for my life. I also trust in the stumbling blocks he allows me to encounter. Before gold is gold it is covered with specs, blemishes, and isn't very valuable until it goes through strenuous processes of being smelted & refined, removing all the impurities. I believe that that's exactly what God is doing with me. All I go through is essential to becoming a brand new person in Christ, and even though it is hard, God continues to comfort me and stay close. So I say bring it on. I'm ready to suffer and reap the rewards of suffering too.

Your pain has a purpose . . . something you will discover in your walk with God . . . it [will] be a marvelous discovery . . . which once received makes you glad you went down the road of suffering with God at your side .
- John Haggai

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  1. Amen. You couldn't have said it better. this is EXACTLY how I feel about God and life in general.

    *Great minds think alike <3


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