Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


.. month of MAY seemingly flew by in a flash . The year is flying by it seems . Usually you lie when you neglect your blog blaming bouts of busy body work but this gyal here has been BUSY ! Cross my heart & pinky promise . My 21st birthday was so uplifting . I didn't do anything spectacular, I had work and school, but I did indulge in the obligatory first 'legal' drink. I've been indulging ever since too ;) 

.. Work has been going great , I've connected with my kids (my students) and Summer Session just began so I'm thrilled at all the fun we're going to have for the next 2.5 months. I recently found out I qualified for a Cal Grant for the amount of $11,000 if I transfer back to a 4yr university in the Fall. Hopefully all goes well and I will be back at CBU and eligible to graduate [finally] and get my degree. 

.. my 2012 goals are going quite well so far . I've been making friends . Went to a Celtics-Lakers game. Attending church quite frequently, reading my Bible frequently. Went to the San Diego Zoo for the first time. Passing all my classes (two more weeks until I'm ditto). Managing my finances adequately. Now I'm on the prowl for somewhere to travel to before December.

.. My love life right now has been spectacular to say the least. Michael totally pulled a fast one and surprised me with the HUNTER rain boots that I had been lusting for. We spent my birthday weekend in San Diego snogging, hanging, and shopping. Things between us feel like the old times again, back when there wasn't so much arguing, insecurity, & mistrust. Starting over has allowed us to spark things back up and build a better friendship. The next hurdle is just to actually become official again and continue where we left off.

.. totally just cheated and tried to give a synopsis of the Dish on Kami K but hey , hopefully everyone is enjoying LIFE right now with me <3

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  1. wow. to say the least your life is going splendidly swell!!! I am so happy for you :]
    I'm glad you got the hunter boots & that grant for school!!!

    Yay for things going great with him <3


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