Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


As a young African-American woman, this graph disturbs me. While I haven't done my research on its validity, just happened to tune into CNN this morning, I'm not that compelled to contest the data. 
I'm so frustrated with MY people sometimes because we have the potential to be the forerunners of this country too. There's more to us than cars, hoes, babymommas, rap, & basketball. We can be financially sound outside of music and sports, but the above graph doesn't support that assertion. I'm compelled to not be a part of the status quo ; WE have to DO better.

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  1. oh no. Don't let a measly graph get you down. Don't believe everything you see! I know a lot of black people that are wealthy and are doing really good for themselves!
    plus I know you're different :]
    You'll be the change!


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