Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


ello governors ;)

        went on a field trip to the movies with my students today, my nerves were shot as I couldn't help but try to replay the Aurora,Colorado tragedy in my head. my heart still hurts for all those who were directly or indirectly impacted by the shooter. cherishing each dawn, and all the beautiful moments my days have been made up of. summertime has been hawtttttt out here in the valley with record breaking highs, so water has been my vice. called myself being a bit risque at the beach and had my left breast pierced >.<  the healing process is annoying though. in the process of putting together a portfolio and groundwork for a non-profit organization. after a palm springs retreat/getaway with my mom and sisters, i was inspired & moved by a speaker to pursue my goals that i assume are TOO big or the goals i have seemingly swept under the rug. nothing right now is new with me. working 40hours a week 930-630 has been very tiring and my weekends have been a hot commodity for sleep and more sleep.


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  1. I would have been nervous stepping in a theater as well! Getting your nipple pierced was bold and I commend you. I've always wanted to do it but am too chicken!!!
    It sounds like having a lot of hours is good for the pay but not for the enjoying the summer part. Hope you enjoy the vacation with mom & sister :)


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