Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made



things haven't been peaches and donuts as of late but im finding ways to remain encouraged and strong in my Faith. the past two days have been extremely emotional and lonely. learning to not
feel so let down by people , thinking you can count on someone and having monstrous expectations seemingly backfires. in dire need of making better & more responsible choices that's all. seafood salad. rosemary crackers. dr pepper and burgers have been my latest and random obsessions. my non profit organization portfolio is coming together quite nicely. still brainstorming and trying to find direction. job interview on Tuesday has me discombobulated and freaked out because I never wanted a job as much as I want[need] this one. year 21 is making me LIFE conscious. Eeek!


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  1. I think we all become life conscious at some point in our lives. Mines was at 17. I'm sorry you're feeling let down, and alone. I feel the same way "/
    I hope you feel better, and good luck on the interview. Hope all goes well ♥


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