Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


The mini Holiday vacation is near its end. Boo! No school or work since Wednesday and let me say that the away time was well needed and couldn't have come at a better time. Thanksgiving was filled with the usual loveliness of food & family. Spent an hour in the Target electronics line to score the Nikon L310, told that I would be the last one to be able to get it, only to have the woman in front of me in line be shady and get one. First come first serve I get, but to let the person behind you wait an hour when you have hidden intentions is just unthoughtful and plain out trife'. Nonetheless, boyfriend and I spent Black Friday scoring a few items from CottonOn, 40% off everything then caught a matinee. The rest of the weekend consisted of good eats and much needed bed rest. Oh, well, homework too of course. It's officially a month until Christmas and I am all kinds of excited :D


  1. omg, that is so messed up! but at least you enjoyed your holiday. i hope your christmas is just as lovely :)


  2. This is the exact camera that I wanted but they were all out by the time I decided to get up and go to Target. Instead, I just bought the L810 which I adore.

    And I wouldn't expect anything less to occur on Black Friday.


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