Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


fall semester grades were posted extremely late, but all the resentment due to their tardiness was swept away by my 4.0. Too elated. went to Disneyland with my Guy & it turned out to be a crowded catastrophe, we left early and didn't ride anything :( .  the Christmas tree is decorated [has been since the day after Thanksgiving] & immersed with gifts and lots of goodies. pilates & YouTube cardio has been my go to fitness scheme + my fast food consumption is at an all time low

did my winter cleaning today and had to admit that I am a book, boots, and old memorabilia hoarder. mike and I went to downtown Riverside tonight to partake in the Holiday festivities and beef up his photography skills. seems crazy how it's only two days until the 25th. all my shopping and wrapping is done. i spent a good chunk of money this year just for my parents, brother, sisters, nephews, and boyf but they deserved it. 

found out that I was disqualified from the 911 Dispatcher position, extremely butt-hurt yet ready to carry out the things I need(ed) to accomplish. the year is nearly over and I've been trying to just rejuvenate and re-balance myself spiritually, mentally, & physically. REBOOT mode is in full effect and I'm totally ready to see where Christ is going to take me now. 

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