Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


---------- CAUTION : a little vulgarity ----------

When you know your actions have the potential to hurt someone you care about, yet you continually engage in those actions anyway, that, my friend, is s-e-l-f-i-s-h.

Society places this stigma on males in relationships and their plight with monogamy, as if it is seemingly impossible. As if respect & commitment are attributes they have permission to disregard. I'm calling bullshit! I'm coming to terms with the deciding factor when it comes to boyfriend-al actions ; resting in immaturity versus manhood.

Relationships aren't marriages. No legal contract, no religious obligation, no ceremonial favors except for stuffed animals won at amusement parks. [side eye] If your feelings shift and your happiness subsides, honesty beats infidelity every single time. There's nothing more ugly than intentionally contributing to the broken feelings of someone you claim to Love. Who or what has you so anchored? Definitely not the way you feel about them. [her]

Distasteful females with low self efficacy don't complement the situation. As a woman, I understand the pressures of being single, the innate desires of wanting someone as a confidant. Not at the expense of another woman's happiness though, and definitely not at the expense of my self worth. Bitterness. Jealousy. That shouldn't be in the nature of anyone. It's a breeding ground for disaster. [especially when/if I am the butt of your envy]

Self discipline is not for kids. Restraint and the ability to have power over your words and actions always prevails. If you're not ready for the demands of commitment and all that comes with it, it seems quite intelligent to not willfully put yourself in a position where those demands are omnipresent. It's just not okay to nimble and manipulate others' emotions for your personal gain. They have a name for people like you and it begins with ASS. [this was so said in my Hannah from the HBO series GIRLS voice]

I don't like the idea of being the naive individual who believes their significant other is the exception, that they're the mature person you assume they are. Facing the reality that the one you love is a class act con artist [exaggeration necessary] is embarrassing to say the leeeeaaassst. You spent/spend time evaluating circumstances, reasons, and whether or not you are/were good enough. Truth is, that truth is, there are men who have reached manhood and the ability to assuage whims, lust, and the absence of the stroking of ego by illegitimate counterparts [aka hos]. There are unmarried men that make relationships look like a manly piece of cake. I want that cake.

"I only got one dick so I only need one chick"
(Saw this on Instagram. It was posted by a guy that has totally reached manhood)

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