Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made



Been clandestinely planning, and planning some more these past weeks. Excited about bringing my ideas to fruition and actively reaching goals. I started a new job as a Respite Care Provider for children with special needs, delays, and disabilities. I am gracefully reaching new heights when it comes to my career path(s) so I have been enjoying that accomplishment. School is 3weeks away from its expiration date and I am going to cartwheel out of my last Final like a class act circus monkey. One week away (Wednesday) is my birthday and of course I have no plans ; I am last minute when it comes to me sometimes. I just want to eat good and feel good. Thinking about treating myself to a goodie bag because, well, I deserve it. There's so much that would suffice on my birthday, ie. a strawberry cheesecake, the 20/20 Experience, a deep tissue massage, Martin Season DVDS, a rice krispies treat the size of a pillow. Ha!

Oh, and Olive Green UGGS <3

(Ex)Boyfriend and I went through another one of our rough patches ; working on a rebuild. Interesting to see how the facets of respect, love, and endearment can make or break a relationship, as well as mend it. The idea that singles want relationships and those in them want to be bachelors tickles me. Human psyche is astonishing because we want what others want/have, obtain it, then want the former. Coming to a common ground, with clear intentions, wants and needs is rejuvenating and exciting. Mistakes and mischief warrants forgiveness and lessons learned. When all else fails, LOVE prevails. 

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  1. great to hear that everything is falling into place for you! good luck on your finals!



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