Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


Blotched Faith ..

Modern day Christians make me a little uneasy at times . The obsessive "scripture jargon" being spatted out by the so called believers who don't abide by their proclamations . Hypocrites . These clowns make it a priority to condemn & criticize , preying on those they deem a blotch to the faith . What faith ? Surely not the faith I believe in . Surely not . Jesus was compassionate , he dined with sinners and heathens . He practiced love and forgiveness . He was the perfect example of how to live in the physical realm . The greatest illustration on how we ought to interact & relate with and to each other . Oh how we've strayed . Front row Christians make our faith a rat race when thats so not the case . I know an abundance of gentle hearted people with loving spirits that I try and share the gospel with because they'd make amazing believers. Arrogant believers turn me off and it upsets me that they are becoming the "representation" of our faith . We all have THEE common goal , its hard enough attempting to live in accordance to the scripture ; amidst knife throwing Saints ? I cannot deal . I stumble and tumble , fall and trip , daily , I'm the first to admit that because I evaluate SELF . keyword: SELF . It's not my position to judge , but to help build my brother or sister up when I see them falling , or if they've fallen . What happened to that concept ?

sidenote : the above image is pure satire . 

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