Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


quick SHOP ..!

August 30th . School resumes , and I'm good to go as far as wardrobe goes . My closet is pretty much stocked but I need a new pair of moccasins , my last pair were ruined by my cat . Socks are #1 because I go through colored striped socks like I go through tissue . I stay buying the $1.oo pairs from Target . I love my socks and they're always mix matching . I need to get about three new fedoras because mines are a little torn up && over  - worn . Noticed I have every color cardigan under the sun except grey , so Im going to look for one in a flannel material . My roommate thieved my leather knapsacks freshman year so I need to DESPERATELY buy another one . Those are a must have or Im not going to any of my classes . I really wanted to add scarves to the list , but I have like a thousand and this is a NEEDS list not a WANTS list . Pfhehehe .

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