Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made



School ended on Thursday , I was hoping for all As but two of my grades have been posted and I got a B :|  , I sorta knew I would get a B in that class after the FINAL so I guess I'm content with that . Waiting for my other two professors to post , eeeek . My second oldest sister and her three boys are staying with us for break and Christmas. Full house , Christmas CDs on replay , dinner every night , cookies , family , the smell of pine , the fireplace , you can't beat this at all . I don't have money to really get anybody gifts so I just plan on soaking in all the love and dishing out LOVE.

I went on an interview for the grand opening of this new restaruant called Free B!rds , anyone ever heard of them ? It's like a Chipotle & Qdoba mexican food type place. Anyways it's in a city called Temecula, about a 20-25min drive from where I live and the interview went great. The manager Chris called me back before my last final on Thursday to meet with him and the General Manager for a more formal second interview Monday, tomorrow. I'm so stoked, I really need this to come through for me, I have BILLS BILLS BILLS to pay and I'm tired of my boyfriend and mother taking care of me now. Lmbo. It was cool for the first three months, but now I need to get a move back on it . 

I plan on taking a class for the winter session , the same class I was taking this semester but had to drop because of 'irreconcilable differences' with my group. Le sigh. That begins on Jan 3 and ends Feb 12 only for Spring semester to begin the following day. Yikes. So I'll be in school nonstop after the new year so this break is well deserved and needed. I plan on finding a preschool to volunteer at , and I moreso want to gain some experience with children with special needs or challenging behaviors because that field has been kind of interesting me lately. We'll see. 


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  1. I like the photo and a B is awesome! Glad you passed all your classes :]


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