Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made


Been on a home sabbatical lately . Trying to mentally & physically prepare for a new semester in less than a week . My room decorum project was dismantled , I just got rid of junk , moved some things around, took some furniture out and covered the parts of my walls that made me want to repaint. It looks so empty now though, and I lost my Ebay bid on this cool dresser so I'm going to try and visit a thrift store for one.

I've been single for a month now, and reflecting, it flew by. Those first two weeks were the absolute hardest and the past two weeks have seemingly been bittersweet. We went to grab lunch to celebrate him scoring a new job, we hugged goodbye and halfway up the street I had a out of nowhere 'crybaby' moment. My emotions are bananas. But I'm still taking it one day at a time.

Talked to one of my exbfs that moved out of state some years ago after we broke up and our conversation made me realize just how much I need a time period to just GO. Pack up and just explore and take some type of journey. There's more than Southern California and I need to find that out for myself. My JEEP and I will go somewhere together this year indeed.

Woke up this morning and chopped my hair off. It stops right beneath my ear and I fell in love with myself all over again after I was through. I couldn't stop smiling. I'm smiling now. Even though I've been having on and off again lonely feelings, one thing I know is that I've been enjoying me and I've been self-loving the heck out of myself. I've always been one to be selfish but then selflessly give myself to others and make it my priority to put others before me. Right now I'm being SO selfish and I selfishly love it .



  1. can we see a photo of your new haircut?
    I'm glad you are smiling and the past is the past :] It's always good when the storm passes. Yay for new journeys. can't wait to hear all about where you and your JEEP are going!

  2. I'm assuming that's the picture of your new hair do up top - you are simply gorgeous!

    I hope the semester is going well for you.


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